Four Most Common Mistakes Marketers Make When Buying Traffic

The main reason people buy traffic is that they get access to eyeballs as soon as possible. They don’t have to wait. They don’t have to have special skills. They just need to go to the right place, fill out the form, pay, and they get the traffic.

I simplified the process to highlight the problem. This is how most people think. They think it’s like ordering a pizza. If you feel like a Hawaiian style pizza, you pick up the phone, you say Hawaiian style pizza and sure enough, before 15 minutes is up, you have yourself a hot steaming pie. Continue reading

Cloud-Based Mind Mapping Tools to Help You Organize Your Thoughts

Mind mapping is a brainstorming technique where visual diagrams are used to show how thoughts or ideas are connected. The process is commonly used in project planning and presentations. In today’s digitally-focused world, it’s easier to create and share mind maps than ever before. Here are a few cloud-based applications that let you and your team create and modify a mind map together. Continue reading